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Bill Simmons Claims Stephen Curry Isn't The MVP: "Steph Won The First Half Narrative MVP, But It's A Long Season."

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Stephen Curry Takes A Shot At The Rest Of The NBA While Praising The Warriors' Strength: “29 Other Teams Would’ve Probably Laid Down And Died."

Stephen Curry has had a solid season overall this year, leading the Warriors to the 2nd seed in the Western Conference and putting up solid numbers. Currently, Stephen Curry is averaging 26.8 PPG, 5.5 RPG, and 6.1 APG, though he is shooting 42.0% from the field and 38.4% from beyond the arc, which is both career lows.

There have been many people who have claimed that Stephen Curry should be the 2021-22 MVP. It makes sense that he would be a candidate, as he is putting up big numbers on a contender. However, Bill Simmons of The Ringer believes that Stephen Curry isn't the MVP. Simmons stated that Curry "won the first half narrative MVP", and added that "it's a long season ahead".

“Steph won the first half narrative MVP, but it’s a long season, and people get bored with narratives and they make new narratives. We’ve seen it over and over again.”

Stephen Curry hasn't had the best performances in recent memory. Over his last 20 games, Stephen Curry is averaging 25.7 PPG, but only shooting 38.9% from the field and 35.6% from beyond the arc. Curry is clearly in a shooting slump, and it makes sense that his MVP case has died down a little bit based on his performances on an individual level. Things could change if he bounces back and starts shooting better, but as of now, there are definitely better candidates.

However, even if Stephen Curry isn't the clear MVP right now, he's certainly in the conversation for the award. The Golden State Warriors look like a legitimate threat to win the 2021-22 NBA championship, and a lot of that can be attributed to Stephen Curry's continued stellar play. Hopefully, we see the Golden State Warriors continue their winning run, and there's no question that it'll be exciting to see them back in the playoffs.