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Bill Simmons Makes Ground Breaking Accusation About Anthony Davis and The Lakers


With superteams becoming the new norm for the NBA, it shouldn't shock a whole lot of people if the Lakers end up being next in line to accumulate a bunch of stars.

Though, even with that being said, nobody would be ready for this.

Anthony DavisandLeBron James? Even with a third star being nonexistent, that duo would be more than enough to challenge anybody in the league... including Golden State.

Of course, all this speculation stems from AD's transition to Klutch sports, where he is said to have interest in Rich Paul becoming his agent (who is also LeBron James'). That alone isn't enough to start a panic just yet, but it is definitely something to think about.

This move could be enough to shake the very fabric of the Western Conference... and besides LeBron's famous move a few months ago, how often does that really happen?