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Bill Simmons On James Harden Trade To Brooklyn Nets: "I Heard Brooklyn Cooled Off On Harden. I Think One Reason Was D’Antoni. He Was Kinda Like, ‘We’re Good. Keep What You Have. I Think He [Harden] Presents Some Problems."

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(via DraftKings Nation)

(via DraftKings Nation)

James Harden is an amazing basketball player who puts up amazing counting numbers every night. He set records in Houston, and it seems natural for contenders to want to trade for him. He has the accolades, he is a former MVP. Essentially, James Harden is an elite player who can change the course of a franchise's history.

James Harden was linked with multiple destinations, one of which was the Brooklyn Nets. It makes sense that the Nets were interested in him when they heard about his trade request. Recently though, Bill Simmons stated on his podcaast that the Brooklyn Nets might be less open to the idea now.

I heard Brooklyn cooled off on Harden. I think one reason was D’Antoni. He was kinda like, ‘We’re good. Keep what you have. I think he [Harden] presents some problems.

Mike D'Antoni witnessed Harden's era directly in Houston. D'Antoni's coaching took Harden and the Rockets to a great level, but they were always stymied by the Golden State Warriors dynasty. D'Antoni was the coach that made James Harden into more of a playmaking shooting guard and designed a system that kept the ball in Harden's hands. However, even D'Antoni would have doubts because of the locker room culture in the Houston Rockets. Russell Westbrook notably hated the type of casual culture fostered in Houston, and with D'Antoni having doubts about him now, perhaps it's time to reevaluate James Harden.

Despite all the off-court reports about Harden, teams will miss out if they don't trade for him. James Harden is a former MVP, and even with his antics, he could be valuable to any franchise. The Brooklyn Nets could easily create a big three with Harden; alas with this report it might not happen.