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Bill Simmons Predicts Sixers Will Pair Joel Embiid With Domantas Sabonis At The Trade Deadline

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Bill Simmons Predicts Sixers Will Pair Joel Embiid With Domantas Sabonis At The Trade Deadline

Ben Simmons has not yet played for the Philadelphia 76ers this season, It definitely seems as though he will be traded for a win-now player at the trade deadline.

There have been many rumors about who Ben Simmons would be traded for. There's no shortage of suitors for him either. There has notably been some talk about a potential De'Aaron Fox-Ben Simmons trade, with reports saying the Kings and 76ers have explored that option.

Bill Simmons of The Ringer has provided an "official prediction" about where Ben Simmons will be traded. Simmons stated that he thinks Ben Simmons and a first-round pick would be exchanged for Domantas Sabonis and the expiring contract of Jeremy Lamb. This is certainly an intriguing proposition.

My official prediction for a Ben Simmons trade…

BS + a protected 1st to Indiana for Sabonis + Lamb’s expiring.

Indy jumpstarts the 2022 tanking process. Philly super-sizes w/ a top-35 guy (and if it doesn’t work, a summer trade asset). They *cannot* waste this Embiid season.

Two-big lineups aren't common in the modern NBA, but we have seen some teams such as the Cleveland Cavaliers use them to great success. Both Domantas Sabonis and Joel Embiid are skilled big men, and Joel Embiid's solid perimeter shooting could make the pairing work. Acquiring Domantas Sabonis for Ben Simmons would likely make the Philadelphia 76ers' offense better, and his playmaking skills would make him a good fit with shooters like Seth Curry and Tyrese Maxey.

It remains to be seen if Bill Simmons' prediction would come true. The Philadelphia 76ers will definitely have to think a lot about whether this pairing would work. Fit definitely does matter. With that being said, talented players do figure it out, and perhaps we'll see a Domantas Sabonis-Joel Embiid twin-towers lineup in the future.