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Bill Simmons Says James Harden Will Probably Veto A Trade To The Warriors: "You’re Going To Play With Steph Curry And Draymond Green And You're Not Gonna Win The Title. You're In The Same Spot You Are Now."

(via Fadeaway World)

(via Fadeaway World)

Rockets star James Harden has been at the center of the rumor mill since the Orlando bubble playoffs ended in October. Following another failed season by the Rockets, it was believed that they might be ready to throw in the towel. When trade requests by Russ and, later, Harden himself became public, the rumors only intensified as the idea of his availability became a hot-button topic within the NBA community.

While interest in Harden was limited, the Golden State Warriors did reach out at one point before the draft, in an apparent attempt to begin the dialogue on a potential Harden deal.

The idea of pairing up Harden with Curry is a scary (or exciting) thought for many, but The Ringer's Bill Simmons recently noted how it's a scenario the Beard may not have been totally thrilled about.

(via NBC Sports)

"Here's the problem if you're Harden -- you're not winning the title if they do that, because Klay Thompson is out for the year," Simmons said. "So you're going to play with Steph Curry and Draymond Green and you're not gonna win the title. You're in the same spot you are now.

"So he'll veto that ... with no Klay Thompson, he's not talking himself into that."

It is true that Harden's playstyle can often be seen as a detriment to his team. His isolation-heavy playstyle can result in some ugly moments, and it is that aspect of his game that probably leads Simmons into believing he wouldn't work out with the Warriors.

But to be so sure that a team with Curry, Harden, and Draymond couldn't win the title seems a bit delusional, especially considering Thompson will be back for the following season. It is also worth noting that Harden doesn't have a no-trade clause, so he wouldn't have much of a choice where he goes, especially considering he's locked in his current contract until at least the summer of 2022.

At this point, the Warriors appear out of the race for Harden, so it's not something we really have to worry about anyway. The 8x All-Star will have to resort to doing his thing right where he has been since 2012 -- which, according to Simmons, isn't much worse than going to Golden State.