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Bill Simmons Says Terry Rozier To Be Traded In 10 Days


The Celtics have come into the 2018/2019 season with very high expectations behind them, but after a 6 and 4 start, there’s been talk about whether the franchise needs to make some urgent roster changes to solve some minor team chemistry issues before it gets worse.

On Episode 439 of the Bill Simmons podcast, Simmons suggested that Terry Rozier may be traded out of the club as early as just 10 days from now.

“I’m very concerned about the Boston Celtics. There’s some chemistry stuff. I mentioned this on Friday, but I’m concerned, it’s a classic ‘too many guys’ issue that is just manifesting itself so far and I feel like there’s gonna be a trade coming…

I feel like Terry Rozier is not going to be on this team 10 days from now.”

It’s all just speculation from Simmons but as an avid Celtics fan, he certainly has a very credible opinion and this isn’t something to just ignore. The ’10 days’ part of this seems like it may be a little bit of an over exaggeration but what is important is that he mentioned Rozier as the one player to be traded.

Just last month, Rozier went as far as turning down a contract extending offer that was worth $12 million every year. If Rozier is asking for a great deal more than that offer, it’s unlikely the Celtics will be able to afford it with Kyrie Irving also on an expensive contract.

Kyrie Irving is expected to re-sign with the Celtics next season, this puts a big question mark over Rozier and where he fits in with this team. Terry Rozier performed his role very well when Irving missed the postseason due to injury, so the Celtics may be interested in doing what they can to keep him on the list as he is a very valuable backup guard to Kyrie.

With a long way to go before the trade deadline, the Celtics may not decide on this for some time and just see how the season starts playing out. It certainly will be a major news story with the Celtics looking to make the NBA Finals for the first time since 2010.