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Bill Simmons Says The 2020 Lakers Would Beat The 2008 Celtics In A 7-Game Series

Fadeaway World

Fadeaway World

Bill Simmons recently created a very entertaining 8-team tournament on his podcast, putting together the eight best teams in the NBA in the last two decades. The league has seen some impressive squads through 20 years but Simmons, joined by ESPN's Zach Lowe, listed the eight betters in a hypothetical tournament to crown the best NBA squad in the last 20 years.

These were the seeds:

1) 2016-17 Warriors

2) 2000-01 Lakers

3) 2012-13 Heat

4) 2007-08 Celtics

5) 2019-20 Lakers

6) 2013-14 Spurs

7) 2008-09 Lakers

8) 2003-04 Pistons (who beat the 2010-11 Dallas Mavericks in a play-in game)

One of the biggest surprises of the tournament came in the very first round when Simmons 'betrayed' his home region in the 2008 Celtics vs. 2020 Lakers matchup. Simmons explained both teams had a couple of similarities but the Celtics had a better supporting cast. He said Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett were a good matchup for LeBron James and Anthony Davis, Dwight Howard would go with Kendrick Perkins (fistfights included) and the key could be Rajon Rondo, who played for both team.

However, Zach Lowe made his case and made Simmons change his pick on which team would advance in this series. Lowe remembered that Rajon Rondo could play good one game and disappear for the next two or three. Moreover, he said those Celtics played seven games in the first two rounds against the Atlanta Hawks and the Cleveland Cavaliers, respectively. If LeBron took him to seven all by himself at the age of 23, the things he could do today were impressive.

Simmons agreed with Lowe and picked the Lakers to advance in this series.

In the end, the tournament was won by the 2017 Golden State Warriors, who beat the 2000/01 Lakers in five games. They made it clear that Shaq would've been unstoppable for them, but the Warriors and their style of game would've dominated that version of the team.