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Bill Simmons Says The Sacramento Kings Are The Only Team That Can Trade For A Package Of Ben Simmons And Tobias Harris

Bill Simmons Says The Sacramento Kings Are The Only Team That Can Trade For A Package Of Ben Simmons And Tobias Harris

The trade deadline is approaching quickly for NBA teams and it looks more and more unlikely that the Philadelphia 76ers will be able to move Ben Simmons by himself. Recent reports have suggested that the Sixers are including Tobias Harris in any potential trades involving Simmons. This has led to wild speculation about how they will be able to pull it off considering that both players are on max contracts. 

Kyle Kuzma is among the people that believe that one trade cannot accommodate for so much salary and a lot of teams are out of the running for that very reason. However, NBA analyst Bill Simmons has now suggested on his podcast that the Sacramento Kings could be a possible partner for the Sixers in a potential swap involving both Tobias and Ben. 

"The only likely trade partner for a 76ers Tobias Harris and Benjamin Simmons package is the Sacramento Kings who would provide Buddy Hield, Tyrese Halliburton, and Harrison Barnes in return. It’s also becoming conceivable that Lillard’s value falls enough to ask in return for Simmons."

The suggested players in Buddy Hield, Harrison Barnes, and Tyrese Haliburton are making a combined salary of nearly $50 million, which is something that could possibly work to offset the $70 million Simmons and Harris are making in salary combined for this year. 

The Kings have been touted as a potential destination for Simmons for a while, with the organization unable to break into the playoffs and needing to make a move that will net them a player that will allow them to contend. 15 years without playoff basketball is quite a poor record and despite all his shortcomings, Ben Simmons is certainly the kind of player a franchise can build around. 

The Sixers in return could get solid pieces in Tyrese Haliburton and Buddy Hield if it happens. Haliburton and Maxey could end up being an elite backcourt for many years to come and Buddy Hield's shooting makes him a win-now piece. They might even be able to flip Harrison Barnes for some assets that allow them to make a run for another star like James Harden in free agency. In any case, this could be an interesting situation for both teams if it can be worked out.