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Bill Simmons Thinks The League Told Paul George He Couldn't Go To The Lakers

Paul George

Much was made of Paul George's decision to stay in OKC this past summer. It was great news for Thunder fans, who were desperate to keep another star following the departure of KD.

Yet, even as happy as he seems there, many don't really understand why. Why chose Russ and Oklahoma City over LeBron James and the city of Angels? It's all kind of weird, especially considering how much he wanted to be there just a few seasons ago.

Photo by Bryan Terry, The Oklahoman

Photo by Bryan Terry, The Oklahoman

Well, according to Bill Simmons (via the Jalen and Jacoby podcast), a part of the reason PG why didn't sign with the Lakers wasn't because of a loss of money or a hatred towards LeBron James, but because Adam Silver wouldn't allow it.

In his theory, he proposed that the Lakers were caught tampering hard with PG, and the NBA commissioner told them they couldn't sign him as a punishment.

It's his attempt to explain the sidden shift in PG's feelings towards signing in L.A.

Bearing into account the special he did on ESPN on his return to the Thunder, and his seemingly picture-perfect relationship with Russ, this theory is most likely false.

But if he is right, then things could be very, very different now had The Lakers been able to control themselves.