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Bill Simmons: "We Are Like 5 Days Away From The 'LeBron Loves What He’s Seeing From The Young Cavaliers And Might Want To Finish His Career There' Story..."

LeBron James

As the biggest star the NBA has seen since Michael Jordan, LeBron James attracts the media like a magnet. Whether it's paparazzi tracking his every move or beat writers reporting some rising rumor in the league, his name is constantly in the wind regarding all things NBA.

And even despite the comfortable home he has found with the Lakers, it wouldn't be shocking if rumors started flying about him moving someplace else.

With the Cleveland Cavaliers playing so well, Bill Simmons joked about a new narrative that could soon make its way around the association:

We are like 5 days away from the first unsubstantiated “LeBron loves what he’s seeing from the young Cavaliers and might want to finish his career there” story and I honestly can’t wait.

LeBron made headlines in 2014 when he left the dominant and illustrious Miami Heat organization to join a dysfunctional Cavaliers squad. Of course, he would go on to build a truly dominant team that captured a title in 2016.

Eventually, he also left them to join the L.A. Lakers.

A 36-years-old, there's really no telling what comes next for LeBron or how much longer he'll go on. In his mind, he doesn't think like that anyway.

“For me, I don’t really believe in a lot of days in between, whatever the case may be. That’s just my mindset,” James said. “I don’t really get involved in how many minutes I play. I don’t confine to that. I think when you think negative thoughts, negative energy, it just creeps into your mind. I’m as young as I’ve ever been.”

His current contract expires in 2023, so if he does end up leaving L.A., that would be the time to do it. As for whether or not he'll re-join the Cavs, that much remains to be seen.

With an 18-12 record, Cleveland has looked solid (sans LeBron) for the first time in quite a long while. At this point, they might not even need a return from Jamess to be relevant again.