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Bismack Biyombo Explains The Controversial Incident With LaMelo Ball

Bismack Biyombo Explains The Controversial Incident With LaMelo Ball

Bismack Biyombo and LaMelo Ball starred in a very odd moment last week when the young guard tried to touch Biyombo's chest, which unleashed a very curious reaction from the veteran player. After that moment, everybody wanted to say what really happened and why Bismack was "mad" at Melo at the end of the game between the Charlotte Hornets and New Orleans Pelicans.

Well, turns out the answer was simpler than everybody thought and it had nothing to do with a fight or Melo looking to get a triple-double, it was a pair of teammates messing around with each other and that's it. Talking with Rick Bonnell of the Charlotte Observer, Biyombo made it clear that there was no fight between him and Ball, reminding people that they are "brothers."

“I heard about that video,” Biyombo said. “We actually laughed about it.”

“It’s funny for the media, they would take that and they would transform it into whatever they want to transform it into,” he continued. “But for us, we know what it is so it’s like ‘Do we really have to talk about this?’ “That’s my little man. We always have fun.”

The situation was nothing like people tried to make it look. Bismack was just messing with his teammate and that was it. Even coach Borrego reacted to that, revealing that they're always hugging each other behind him.

“It’s so funny. I look in huddles sometimes, or I’m looking, showing a film, and those two are hugging behind me, arms around each other,” Borrego said.

So no, there is no beef between Melo and Bismack, they were just playing and that's it. The Charlotte Hornets are having a very good season this year, with Melo having good performances so far. This team isn't expected to compete in this campaign but they're ready to make a statement now.