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Blake Griffin On Dunking Like His Vintage Self With The Brooklyn Nets: "That's The Plan... A Lot Has Been Made About That. I Promise You I Still Can."

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Kendrick Perkins Is Salty After Blake Griffin Says His Favorite Dunk Is When He Posterized Him

Blake Griffin made his name as an All-Star and a player because of his dunking abilities. Earlier in his career with the Los Angeles Clippers, Blake Griffin's dunking was a fixture of his play, as his athleticism was elite. However, in recent memory, Blake Griffin hasn't really dunked, preferring to focus on his game from the perimeter, and improving his jumper.

There was even a fact that circulated, which stated that Blake Griffin hasn't attempted a dunk since 2019. It is crazy to think that one of the most iconic dunkers hasn't done it in a very long time.

However recently, Blake Griffin has sat down with Malika Andrews of ESPN to talk about a variety of subjects. One of the topics that came up was Griffin's dunking. Andrews suggested that fans were wondering whether Blake Griffin could still dunk like his vintage self. His response starts at 1:45.

That's the plan. We'll see. I know that a lot has been made about that, but I promise you I still can. I promise that.

Seeing Blake Griffin throw down more amazing dunks would be amazing for basketball fans. It also bodes well for the Brooklyn Nets, as it seems that Blake Griffin is pretty confident with where his athleticism is at. Hopefully, Blake Griffin continues being healthy and helps the Brooklyn Nets on their road to a potential championship.