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Blake Griffin On Kendrick Perkins Constantly Criticizing Kevin Durant: "Man, You Shared The Court With Him For So Long... You’re Just Killing This Dude For Views Later On In Life.”

(via Blazer's Edge)

(via Blazer's Edge)

It didn't take long before Kendrick Perkins became infamous among NBA fans and players for the way he vows his opinions now that he's an analyst.

Perk didn't do much on the court during his playing days and now claims to be the bearer of undisputed truth in both social media and ESPN, which shouldn't strike as a problem as he wouldn't be the first guy to do it. However, he's taken shots at former friends and teammates, like Kevin Durant.

That's why Mark Anthony Green of GQ talked to Blake Griffin to find out how players actually take Perk's comments or if the insults feel worse coming from a former player:

“It’s funny to see like Kendrick Perkins… Who was a great player, and is so critical of other players," Mark Anthony Green said, while Griffin was clearly smirking and holding back laughter. "Does the insult feel different coming from an ex-player?”, he continued.

“I think it depends on the player. Like you know there are guys like Grant Hill who have done broadcasting and Chauncey Billups, who’s done games and does studio work. I had the privilege of playing with both of those guys and know them really well. Those two are some of the best guys. Their approach is different," Griffin started.

“It sort of goes beyond that. It’s how they see the game. It’s how they view people in general. I think those two are unbelievable smart guys. They don’t feel the need to make crazy statements and get this buzz going. That being said you know some guys are just going to say some crazy stuff and it is what it is," Blake added.

Griffin evaded the question for a couple of seconds but eventually vowed his opinion, criticizing Perkins for throwing shade at a guy he shared the court with:

“Man, you shared the court with him for so long. Like to me being a teammate extends past just being on the same team. And I’m like Ooh, this is not a great teammate. You’re just killing this dude for views later on in life," Griffin concluded.

Perkins later apologized to Durant and even claimed that he's the greatest player to ever wear a Thunder uniform but it seems like the damage was already done. KD called him a sellout and judging by Griffin's comments, that may be what most players think of him right now.

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