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Bleacher Report Ranks Derrick Rose Out Of The Top 8 Best NBA Players From Chicago

Bleacher Report Ranks Derrick Rose Outside Of The Top 8 Best NBA Players From Chicago

Chicago native Derrick Rose was living the dream when an injury changed everything for him. The former Chicago Bull was something else, he was ready to conquer the world with his team and many people believed it was a matter of time before he won his first NBA championship with one of the most famous franchises in the NBA.

He was great for the Bulls until that moment, doing things that fans had seen before when this man named Michael Jordan played at the TD Garden. It's fair to say Rose is one of the favorite stars of all time in the Windy City despite his rocky tenure with the Bulls. However, Bleacher Report doesn't believe the 31-year-old veteran is one of the best 10 players from Chicago.

"Were it not for a career-altering ACL injury during the 2012 playoffs, Rose could've been much higher on the list. In his first four seasons, he won Rookie of the Year and a league MVP while making three All-Star appearances. Still, he's averaged 18.8 points and 5.6 assists per game through 11 years."

David Kenyon published the list, which is led by the Miami Heat legend Dwyane Wade. Flash got 12 All-Star trips, eight All-NBA honors, three All-Defensive team berths and won three NBA titles, so it's nothing crazy seeing him atop of the list.

However, the fact that D-Rose is not on the top upset a lot of fans, who didn't hesitate to show their disagreement.

Rose was a revelation for this team. Yes, he was the first overall pick in the 2008 draft but he was already showing the signs that he was going to be great. Derrick became the youngest MVP winner in NBA history, led the Bulls to the Eastern Conference Finals that same season and he looked like the biggest rivals for the LeBron James-led Miami Heat in the East until he picked up that injury.

The Bulls were a big thing during that time, the young gun brought hope to the team and the city once again, something that you couldn't see since Michael Jordan left the team. Not even Tyson Chandler, Jamal Crawford, Ben Gordon or any other high pick could do that for the Bulls.

He had four terrific years with the team, where he dominated and even after that, Rose kept showing flashes of his quality. To take him out of this list is just disrespectful. D-Rose earned his place as one of the greatest NBA players from Chicago.