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Bob Meyers Says He Does Not Know If Kevin Durant Will Return To Warriors



The uncertainty regarding Kevin Durant's free agency has only grown since his Achilles tear early this week. Everybody assumed the injury would force Durant to re-sign with Golden State or, at the very least, take that one-year $ 30+ million extension for next season.

But one thing that has been made abundantly clear this past couple of days is that we simply don't know what Durant's intentions are this summer. Not even Warriors GM Bob Meyers has enough confidence to promise his return.

When asked Friday about the Warriors' optimism that Durant will choose to re-sign with the Dubs, Myers simply said, "I don't know," and left it at that.

Despite a career-altering injury (one that should keep him out all of next season), there are teams that are reportedly willing to offer him the max. Couple that with the rumors of his relocation to New York, and constant communication with Kyrie Irving, and one cannot help but feel as if something might be brewing for Durant outside of Oakland.

Nonetheless, when he ultimately returns in 2020, it should be enough to shake the balance of power to whatever team he chooses come July. For now, we will have to keep on playing this long and seemingly never-ending guessing game