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Bob Myers Explains Why Steph Curry Didn’t Sign An Extension: “No Hard Conversation. It Was Just, 'Hey, Let's Talk About It At The End Of The Year.'"

Bob Meyers Explains Why Steph Curry Didn’t Sign An Extension: “No Hard Conversation. It Was Just, 'Hey, Let's Talk About It At The End Of The Year.'

Stephen Curry has been the heart and soul of the Golden State Warriors for quite some time now and the Dubs hope to have him for more years. Steph is playing great basketball this season and the fans dream of seeing him taking the team to the promised land at least once again.

The three-time NBA champion became the first player to earn $40 million in a single season and now people are waiting to see what's next for him. His contract with the Dubs expires next year and Curry is already setting the alarms at the Chase Center, knowing what he told Bob Myers when they talked about his contract extension. The Warriors GM joined Wednesday's edition of 95.7 The Game's "Steiny, Guru & Dibs" show, where he discussed a variety of topics.

Curry was one of those and Myers explained that the point guard doesn't want to focus on that right now.

"He could sign a four-year deal after this season [or] a five-year deal after that," Myers explained, via NBC Sports. "It wasn't anything that was difficult.

"No hard conversation. It was just, 'Hey, let's talk about it at the end of the year.' So it's really whatever he's hoping to do and wants to do."

Myers said that this could worry fans but he's convinced he feels good about the team, the city, the fans, and the plans they have for the future.

"I think he's happy. Obviously, fans always are gonna be worried about Steph Curry," the two-time NBA Executive of the Year said. "But I feel like he's in a very good place personally [and] professionally.

"I feel pretty good about him wanting to be around. I don't personally have any -- besides the paranoid fears that everybody has that aren't really rational -- besides once in awhile, 'Well what if this happened?' But those aren't based on fact.

"So I feel good about it and I think he feels good about it."

Still, everybody should keep an eye on this situation. Curry isn't perceived as a player who would leave his team but perhaps, at the end of his career, he would like to find a new challenge in the league. It seems very unlikely but crazier things have happened in the NBA before. He will be a free agent in 2022 and these 'doubts' could hide something, although it's very early to say that.