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Bobby Portis On His Decision To Re-Sign With Bucks: "Being Able To Find A Home Now Is Great. I Love It Here. I Can Honestly Say Milwaukee Changed My Life.”

Bobby Portis

The Milwaukee Bucks aren't exactly what any fan would consider a premier destination for players and free agents. In contrast to some of the NBA's more notorious franchises, the Bucks are a more reserved and quiet team to play for overall.

Still, it can be a great experience for those who embrace it. Young big man Bobby Portis is one of those people, and he recently spoke about it during an appearance on SiriusXM NBA Radio on Saturday.

“You go through your highs and low, go through your trials and tribulations of trying to find yourself in this league. I found myself here in Milwaukee. Love it here, the fit on this team around great players, great guys that just want to win," Portis said. "Humble guys, low-maintenance guys. Obviously, it feels great to finally find a home, man. It’s tough moving around in the league; it’s tough moving all your stuff around, too. So being able to find a home now is great, man. I love it here. I can honestly say Milwaukee changed my life.”

Portis, 27, came to Milwaukee in 2020 after a season with the Knicks. While he's not on track to become an All-Star, he's a solid role-player who makes an impact in various different ways. With averages of 14.6 points (career high), 9.1 rebounds, and 0.7 blocks per game, his most recent season is probably the best of his entire career.

And now, as a champion and more experience veteran, he ha the chance to follow up his breakout campaign with an even better performance.

All along the way, he'll have Giannis Antetokounmpo and company to help maximize his game and bring more success to the franchise.