Bomani Jones Takes A Shot At Ben Simmons, Says Philadelphia Sixers Have Only 1 Superstar

Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

Ben Simmons' 2020/21 NBA season hasn't been easy at all. The Australian point guard has been criticized ever since he entered the league, but this year, things have taken another dimension. 

With the Philadelphia 76ers considered one of the favorites to win the NBA championship, the player has gotten more attention than ever, with fans and analysts going off on him for his poor shooting skills. 

He struggled to make free throws in the Sixers' 109-106 loss to the Atlanta Hawks on Wednesday night. They blew a 26-point lead, and Ben's struggles at the line (4-14) played a big role in that. 

As usual, he got a lot of criticism from fans. And, one NBA analyst took things to the next level, claiming that the Sixers never had two superstars but one. 

Bomani Jones took to Twitter to blast Simmons, saying that the only superstar the team had was Joel Embiid.

"Don't wanna pile on Simmons, but the potential of the sixers hinged on the idea of having two superstars. it's undeniable that they have a superstar and ben Simmons."

He wasn't happy with Simmons' performance. Even when somebody pointed out that Tobias Harris had a bad game, too, Jones stated that Harris isn't expected to show up for this team. 

The Sixers are now on the verge of getting eliminated from the playoffs after finishing the season as the top-seeded in the East. Trae Young and co. have demonstrated they are a tough rival, and this Friday will try to close things out at State Farm Arena. When everybody believed it was 'Sixers in 5,' Atlanta stood up to surprise Philly and the rest of the league.