Boris Diaw Explains Why LeBron James Is Better Now Than In 2013: 'Back Then His Shot Was Not As Reliable As It Is Now.'

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Boris Diaw Explains Why LeBron James Is Better Now Than 2013: 'Back Then His Shot Was Not As Reliable As It Is now.'

Boris Diaw saw first hand the most dangerous version of LeBron James, that one that won two straight NBA championships and two MVP awards. That version of LeBron James on the Miami Heat scared everybody around the league. Well, Diaw had to go against him twice in the Finals but he faced the best version of the King in 2013.

It was a total challenge for the French player but he didn't back down and went against LeBron knowing he was the best player on earth at the time. Now James isn't seen as the bad man he was at that time but he's still the best player on earth. Diaw recently explained what changed in Bron that led him to become the great player he is right now.

During a recent interview with The Ringer's Real Ones, the Frenchman said that James developing his shot has had a big impact on his career (6:58).

"At the time he was different. People were asking me that also, because I was watching the last finals and he was still going off and he was amazing in those finals. But I’m like, he’s better now than he was back then. I don’t think I could’ve guarded him the same way now… because back then his shot was not as reliable as it is now. So pretty much it was like, pick your poison. I was taller and big, so that’s why I could guard him closer to the basket because I could match. I was maybe heavier than him as well… Yes, deceptively quick. I had long reach, and long arms, you know back up a little bit, give him some space. All I wanted to do was him not going by me. So as long as he was shooting over me, then it was like, okay what is the percentage gonna be.”

Now Bron can make no-look 3s, can shoot the ball from the logo, and has become a better 3-point shooter over the past couple of seasons. He has evolved throughout his entire career and that's why he's still the best player on earth.

He's still trying to win championships and has the tools to do so. Right now he's sidelined due to an injury but the King is getting ready to return and win his 5th ring to confirm he's still the best baller in the world.