Boston Celtic Jaylen Brown Also Uses Sage: "You Know, When I Get To Different Places That I’m Going I Like To Just Lightly Sage The Area Just To Make Sure The Aura Is Clean When I’m Walking Into It.”

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(vai SB Nation)

(vai SB Nation)

Turns out Kyrie Irving burning sage before his first game back at TD Garden in 2020-21 isn’t anything new for the Boston Celtics. The 6-time All-Star possibly even picked it up from fellow former Boston teammate Jaylen Brown.

Back in May, Brown starred in a video for GQ Sports, unpacking the 10 things he can’t live without wherever he goes, one of those items? Sage.

The Boston starter explained that wherever he goes, he burns sage.

“I like to lightly just sage the area just to make sure the aura is clean when I’m walking into it.”

He explains that he picked up the habit from one of his college classes he attended at the University of California, Berkley. Brown was teammates with Kyrie Irving when he came into the league, starting for Gordon Hayward who was injured in the first minutes of the first game of that season.

Irving made headlines burning sage before the Brooklyn Nets matchup with his former team. After the Nets' win, the star point guard explained that the origin of his pre-game ritual was based on his native American heritage. He added that he intends to burn sage before every game if the opposing team allows it.

Seems like as long as Jaylen Brown stays with the Celtics, Kyrie is free to sage the TD Garden as much as he wants.