Boston Celtics And Miami Heat Could Have Landed James Harden But They Didn't Want Him

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Boston Celtics And Miami Heat Could Have Landed James Harden But They Didn't Want Him

James Harden's name has been in the papers a lot over the past year. His departure from the Houston Rockets was largely magnified by the media, with new teams being linked to James Harden almost every day. After all, it is natural that there are teams linked to one of the league's best superstars. James Harden is an elite player who can do everything on the court offensively, and his isolation ability is second to none.

Eventually, the Brooklyn Nets managed to pull off a blockbuster trade for James Harden, sending out some of the young players on their roster and a large number of picks in a four-team trade. A lot of teams didn't want to give up their future prospects for somebody like James Harden, as some of their players were really promising.

While it is understandable for a team to want to develop organically, a player like James Harden is a big-time acquisition that would be elite on any team. James Harden is currently leading the league in assists while showing that he can take over when the team needs him to score. An NBA fan has pointed out recently that the Boston Celtics and the Miami Heat were both linked with James Harden during the trade rumors, but neither ended up pulling the trigger.

The fan also pointed out that the Miami Heat and the Boston Celtics were 8th and 9th in the Eastern Conference. Meanwhile, the Brooklyn Nets have created a superteam that is currently 2nd in the Eastern Conference. It is clear that James Harden has pushed the Brooklyn Nets to the next level, as that is what a superstar does. James Harden has become the primary playmaker for the Brooklyn Nets, allowing Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant to focus on the scoring aspect of the game. James Harden would have been able to help the Boston Celtics or the Miami Heat, with his consistent performances: sadly, the teams elected not to trade for him.

It would have been interesting to see James Harden on either the Miami Heat or the Boston Celtics, as those two teams both have elite talent that could help James Harden get to the NBA Finals. However, James Harden probably hasn't lost any sleep over going to the Brooklyn Nets. James Harden looks as dominant as ever, even after having adjusted his game. There is no doubt that James Harden now has the star power on his team that can get him to the NBA Finals, and he can possibly help the Brooklyn Nets win it all.