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Boston Celtics' Broadcast Takes A Big Shot At The Lakers 2020 Championship With Pre-Game Graphic

Credit: NBC Boston

Credit: NBC Boston

The Boston Celtics and Los Angeles Lakers rekindled their rivalry on Saturday night when they clashed at TD Garden for the first time this season. There is not a bigger rivalry than this one in the association and every NBA fan was expecting to see a great game when these two went at it.

Before even the match started, the Celtics took a jab at their rivals with a very curious graphic showing the history of both franchises. The C's official broadcast showed this graphic with the titles won by each franchise and they put an asterisk on the Lakers' championships. They clarified that 5 of those titles were won in Minneapolis and one in Disney World.

This is a reference to the internet memes mocking the Lakers for winning a "Mickey Mouse ring" last season in the bubble. This has been recurrent around the league but the Lakers fans weren't having any of that and they took to Twitter to defend their team while other fans jumped on that train and attacked the purple and gold.

In the end, the Lakers had the last laugh, beating the Celtics 96-95, to get their 15th win of the season. This won't be the last time we'll see these playing in this season and this matchup may take place in the Finals. The Lakers are one of the best teams in the league right now and this win over a very competitive Celtics team was a big confirmation.