Brad Stevens Compares Heat's Offensive Style To Golden State Warriors'

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Credit: Getty Images

Credit: Getty Images

The Golden State Warriors may not be in the bubble, but they are still a topic of conversation around the league. It could be because of their expectations for next season, all the good things they did in prior campaigns, and now, because there is a team with a similar style of playing in the bubble.

The Boston Celtics and the Miami Heat are ready to clash in the ECF in a duel with all the ingredients to be very entertaining. Everybody is trying to predict what will happen and what can we expect from these teams, including Celtics head coach Brad Stevens. The young helmsman recently spoke about the upcoming series between his Celtics and the Heat, praising the Floridian team, comparing them to the Golden State Warriors of Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson.

“Miami is probably the closest team in the East that we’ve seen to the Warriors with regard to their cutting and shooting,” Stevens said, via Anthony Chiang of the Miami Herald.

Stevens has a good point there. The Heat count with good shooters, including Duncan Robinson and Tyler Herro. Of course, they haven't reached the level of Curry and Thompson and perhaps they'll never do it, but these are two players that bring a lot from deep. Guarding them is very difficult and we all saw how they can unlock games against the Indiana Pacers and the Milwaukee Bucks in the first rounds of the postseason.

Even when Duncan and Herro aren't good from beyond the arc, you can see Jae Crowder, Andre Iguodala, and even Jimmy Butler making 3-pointers to help the team.

Boston has a well-rounded team as well and it's hard to predict who will win this series. The only thing we know now is that Stevens knows what's coming and the C's will try to stop those shooters whatever it takes.