Brad Stevens Thinks The Raptors Are Better Than His Celtics

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If you ask anyone who knows even a little NBA basketball, they'll tell you that the two teams to watch in the East this year are the Celtics and Raptors.

The Celtics are absolutely loaded, with Kyrie, Hayward, Horford, and a pair of super-talented youngsters in Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown.

The Raptors, after the addition of Kahwi, have become one of the league's more intriguing teams, and are looking to build upon their fantastic finish last season.

With LeBron James no longer a threat (after signing with the Lakers this summer), both teams are next in line for the Eastern Conference throne. That's why their game against each other on Friday night was such a big deal. Not only did it give everyone a taste of what's to come, but it may also have revealed who the better team is.

That was certainly the case for Celtics head coach Brad Stevens.

It's very rare for a coach to be so up-front about his team, especially when comparing them to a Conference rival.

But considering the outcome of the game (Toronto won 113-101) and the way they played it, Stevens probably made the right observation, at least for now. The Raptors played with chemistry, composure, and just looked more comfortable in their meeting.

Still, even with that being the case, nobody should be underestimating the Celtics just yet.

Cause while Boston is a step behind right now, it won't be long before they hit their stride. And when they do, they'll be a team to fear.