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Bradley Beal Confident In Russell Westbrook Partnership: "I Definitely Think He Will Propel Me To A New Level That I Haven’t Tapped Into Yet. I’m Definitely Excited About It."

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NBA duos sometimes don't work out. There have been many times where highly skilled players ended up a poor fit on the court, such as Al Horford on the 76ers this season. There could be concerns about floor spacing, chemistry and acclimating to the environment. After a year of playing with James Harden, Russell Westbrook now finds himself partnered up with another high octane shooting guard in Bradley Beal.

The Wizards traded away fan-favorite point guard John Wall to the Houston Rockets, signaling a fresh start for both franchises. The Washington Wizards took a slight risk on a veteran superstar like Russell Westbrook to give Bradley Beal the best chance to compete in the playoffs. Chase Hughes of NBC Sports reported in an article that Bradley Beal has full faith in his partnership with Russell Westbrook. Hughes quotes Beal as stating this:

"I definitely think he will propel me to a new level that I haven’t tapped into yet. I’m definitely excited about it," Beal said.

"Granted, I’m confident in my game to take another step, but he’s a former MVP, nine-time All-NBA guy, [nine] All-Star Games. He’s a future Hall of Famer, so I’m all ears and I’m excited to play with him."

Bradley Beal having respect for Russell Westbrook is a great sign for their chemistry. Russell Westbrook has been maligned before due to his style of play, but Bradley Beal seems excited for their future prospects. Beal has come to Westbrook's defense before, claiming that there was "always a false narrative" on Russell Westbrook. Russell Westbrook is on the Washington Wizards to prove his doubters wrong, and there is no doubt that Beal is in his corner.

Some have expressed severe doubts about Russell Westbrook's ability to win in the playoffs, but it seems that Bradley Beal will hear none of it. For the near future, it looks like Beal is going to work with the future Hall of Famer to develop a great duo in the backcourt and bring Wizards basketball back to the postseason.