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Bradley Beal Explains How Russell Westbrook Mentors Deni Avdija: "Russ Yells At Him If He Doesn’t Shoot The Ball. And Whenever Russ Yells, You Do What The Hell He Says."

(via 7up Sports)

(via 7up Sports)

Washington Wizards rookie Deni Avdija has a terrific mentor in Russell Westbrook, one of the best players in the NBA for the past 5 years or so. The young player was selected by the Wizards in the 2020 draft with the 9th overall pick of the night.

He landed in a struggling team that has two big figures like Westbrook and Beal but can't find the results. Avdija is getting ready to become one of the leaders of the team in the future and Brodie is helping him a lot. He wants the kid to improve his level by any means, even if he has to yell at him. Bradley Beal recently revealed a series of details about Russ and Deni, saying that the 2017 NBA MVP yells at the rookie when he doesn't shoot the ball.

"On offense, Russ yells at him if he doesn’t shoot the ball. Whenever Russ yells, you do what the hell he says and you kind of let the results play out as they may."

Westbrook is really high on Avdija and he's always trying to help the guy get better. Earlier this week, he praised the Israeli player for his performances and his improvement throughout the season.

“It’s his first year and he’s trying it out. IT has been a difficult year for everybody, especially for him. He’s gotten better with the season. Now it’s the team management’s job to keep his form up. He has been doing a hell of a job for us and I hope that continues," Westbrook said.

They are creating a very good relationship and Brodie is doing everything he can to help the kid reach the best possible level. This season, things haven't gotten in favor of the Wizards and we could see the front office blowing up the team and keep their young pieces to start a full rebuilding process.