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Bradley Beal On His Future In Washington: "I Ain’t Going Nowhere"

(via Sportsnaut)

(via Sportsnaut)

There has been much talk and speculation regarding the future of Bradley Beal. As he prepares for his 8th season with the Wizards, the state of the team is continuing its downward spiral. John Wall's reputation and physical body have been damaged, the team is stuck in financial limbo, and there are no stars coming to save the franchise from its misfortune.

As a result, people have deemed it inevitable that he will work his way out.

According to words by Beal himself, however, he has no plans to jump ship.

“Honestly you might slap me, but I haven’t thought about it,” said Beal to NBC Sports Washington‘s Chris Miller. “I’m just getting better and letting my agent, Tommy [Sheppard] and everybody else deal with it.”

“I just go hoop. Every day I see somebody and they ask ‘Beal, you leaving?’ and I’m like ‘I’m still living in D.C., I ain’t going nowhere.'” added Beal.

He sounds committed, but Kyrie Irving said similar words before leaving his team a year later. But if Beal is serious about wanting to stay, it might complicate things even further for the Wizards.

He is their only big trade chip, meaning that there is not much they can do unless they trade him for another piece. Beal must step up if they are to make any progress. Fortunately, he seems willing and ready to do it.