Bradley Beal On If He's Frustrated With The Wizards: "Is The Sky Blue?"

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Bradley Beal On If He's Frustrated With The Wizards: "Is The Sky Blue?"

Bradley Beal is one of the best players in the NBA right, regardless of how overlooked he is most of the time, the player has been nothing but great for his Washington Wizards. However, the results never accompany the team and it's very visible that Beal is getting tired of the situation.

The shooting guard has been, as usual, ballin' this season but the Wizards have been, as usual, struggling to win. They're currently 3-11 and see the rest of the East from the bottom of the standings and that isn't pleasing Beal at all. After dropping 47 points (24 in the 3rd quarter) against the New Orleans Pelicans on Wednesday, Beal was spotted on his team's bench visibly upset for the result.

After the game was over, Bradley was asked if he was frustrated with how things were going for his team and his response couldn't be clearer.

“Is the sky blue?" Beal replied to one reporter.

He has repeatedly stated this is where he wants to win but things aren't going his way with Washington. Something needs to change for him or the franchise to start winning games. Beal is growing frustrated with this situation and nobody knows how this will end for him and his only team in the NBA.

Bradley has done everything he can to take this squad to the next level but things just don't click for them.