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Bradley Beal Says He Hated When Michael Jordan Played For The Washington Wizards: "I Hated That He Came Back And Played Because I Always Wanted Him To Be, No Offense D.C., I Always Wanted Him To Be A Bull For Life."

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Credit: NBAE

As we all know, Michael Jordan retired three times in his career, making two big comebacks to the league in the middle of that. The second one was still impressive but not as memorable as the first, since he returned to the NBA with a different team than his Chicago Bulls. He played for the Washington Wizards for a couple of seasons before retiring from the game for good.

Not a lot of people have good memories from those times and Bradley Beal is one of those. The shooting guard, who is curiously leading the Wizards to the longest winning streak since MJ was on the roster, recently shared that he wasn't a fan of seeing His Airness playing with the capital team. He didn't mean any disrespect but just like the rest of his fans, Bradley hoped to see Jordan only playing in a Bulls jersey.

"I hated that he came back and played because I always wanted him to be, no offense D.C., I always wanted him to be a Bull for life."

That wasn't possible given the turbulent exit of Jordan from the Bulls and the fact that he was an executive when he decided to return to action. It was really good for him, who was even considered an MVP candidate during one of his seasons with the Wizards. Beal also said he has one memory from Jordan's time in D.C., which was a clutch play but not on the offensive but the defensive end of the ball.

Bradley and Russell Westbrook are doing very good things with the team in recent days. Just when people said they were just playing to get stats and nothing else, this dynamic duo has shown up and now are ready to lead this team to at least the play-in tournament.

"It means a lot to be in this position, but looking ahead at what we're trying to accomplish, we still got a lot of things to improve on in a short amount of time," said Beal after the Wizards beat the Cleveland Cavaliers, 119-110, to win their 8th straight game.

This is a matchup that no one would like to have in the first round of the playoffs. They know that and aren't afraid to face whatever team with their two weapons ready to go at it against anybody.