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Bradley Beal, Wizards, Tease The Return Of Their Most Iconic Jerseys

Bradley Beal

After re-committing to the Washington Wizards, NBA star Bradley Beal is likely going to be repping the franchise for most of his prime. And while there isn't must reason for optimism about the team's performance next season, Wizards fans can get excited about the return of an iconic look.

In honor of Washington's 25th anniversary of the name change (from the Bullets to Wizards), the team is bringing back those classic jerseys that long-time fans will no doubt recognize.

On Twitter, Bradley Beal gave his reaction to the jerseys, posting the following picture 

While the Wizards are unlikely to be competing for a title anytime soon, it's good to see that they are breathing some life back into the organization. As a low-market franchise that has struggled for years, the return of a classic jersey is really the only reminder Wizards nation has of better days.

And while Bradley Beal does make them somewhat relevant, there are some who believe D.C. may have been better off just letting him go.

When it comes to superstar contract talks, some teams negotiate … and others capitulate. The differences in the implications for their franchises couldn’t be more profound, as we’ve seen in the last week especially. Most notably for the Portland Trail Blazers and Washington Wizards, it could mark a regrettable turning point in their franchise timelines.

Contrast those deals with the recent cases of Bradley Beal and Damian Lillard — where it almost felt like the teams handed over pens and let the players fill in whatever — and the difference becomes obvious. It’s the difference between negotiation for mutual benefit and total surrender.

Alas, the Blazers and Wizards are still learning that lesson. It’s been clear the best pathway forward for each team would be to trade their All-Star guards for Rudy Gobert-Esque hauls of players and picks. While Lillard and Beal are capable of playing for many more years, they are likely at the tail end of their peak seasons (via John Hollinger of Bleacher Report).

It's hard to say what this upcoming season will be like for the Wizards. They have several great players and several solid rotation pieces, but they clearly don't have enough to make a long playoff run.

So it's a good thing that they brought these jerseys back, or Wizards fans may have had nothing to look forward to about the campaign to come.