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Bradley Beal's Wife And WorldWideWob Exchange Shots On Twitter: 'Carry On WorldWide Clown.'

Credit: Kamiah Adams-Beal, Rob Perez Twitter

Credit: Kamiah Adams-Beal, Rob Perez Twitter

Bradley Beal's wife has never been afraid of defending her husband against anybody who tries to attack him. The shooting guard has given his everything to the Washington Wizards for the past couple of years but somehow, the team doesn't accompany him, making it hard for the player to win.

This season hasn't been the exception but Bradley keeps playing at the highest level with his squad. Although things didn't start very well for him on Sunday night against the Brooklyn Nets, Beal and co. kept fighting; they returned to the game and ultimately won it thanks to him and Russell Westbrook (41 points).

After the game was over and the Wizards had upset the Nets, his wife, Kamiah Adams-Beal, fired back at haters for criticizing the player for his first-half performance.

One of those was reporter and Twitter personality Rob Perez, also known as "WorldWideWob", who didn't hesitate to mock Beal for his performances in the first half of the match.

Well, Kamiah kept the receipts and she didn't hesitate to call out the reporter after her husband took Washington to the win. That started a Twitter battle between the wife and Perez, who wasn't backing down.

In the end, Kamiah was happy with her husband's performance and she made it clear that Beal is always giving his best to his team, although results haven't found the Wizards' way in recent times.