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Brandon Jennings Says Russell Westbrook Will Be A Top-5 Point Guard Of All Time If He Wins A Ring

Russell Westbrook Sends Warning To Rest Of The NBA: "We Got A Team Full Of Nice Experienced Vets That's Gonna Kick These Young Motherf**king A**es"

Russell Westbrook is about to start his first season with the Los Angeles Lakers after two tumultuous seasons with the Houston Rockets and Washington Wizards. 

The talented point guard will join LeBron James and Anthony Davis at Staples Center trying to win his first NBA championship, which could cement his legacy as one of the best PGs of all time.

Brandon Jennings, for instance, believes that a championship would put Russ among the top 5 greatest point guards of all time, taking down one of the best playmakers this game has seen. 

If Russell Westbrook Wins A Ring.

Somebody in that TOP 5 all time PG list gotta go!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This sparked a big debate, with fans making a case for and against Russ. Some said that being the 3rd option on a team isn't as impressive as being the go-to guy. Others said that a ring would put him ahead of other big names regardless of how it comes. 

Westbrook has become one of the most polarizing players in the league in recent years. Now that he's joining the Lakers, more people started debating what a ring would mean for him. 

Brodie is ready for the new challenge, trying to take over if AD and Bron are unavailable for the team. The purple and gold got their Big 3, and fans can't wait to see what these Lakers will do next season.