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Breaking: Carmelo Antony Is Finally Traded To Atlanta Hawks


Carmelo Anthony played his way into being one of the least sought-after contracts in the NBA last season. He was supposed to be a go-to scoring option for the Oklahoma City Thunder, but averaged only 16 points on 40.4% from the field, both career lows. That low efficiency combined with a massive 27.9 million dollar contract for the 2018/2019 season makes him a hard trade piece for the Thunder, as no other teams seemed very interested in the aging star.

A suitor has finally arrived in the form of the Atlanta Hawks. After signing Jeremy Lin a few days ago, they decided to trade a point guard Dennis Schroder and Mike Muscala for one of the best scorers in the last 15 years.

This trade would work well for both teams; clearing cap space for the Thunder to go after some role players to complement all-stars Russell Westbrook and Paul George, while Atlanta gets rid of Schroder to free up ample minutes at the point guard spot for rookie Trae Young – who the team plans to build the future around – while still having a solid backup point guard in Jeremy Lin.

If Carmelo is bought out, he should receive interest from a few teams, including the Houston Rockets and LA Lakers, who would be willing to take a chance that Carmelo would be able to bounce back from last year and provide scoring from a smaller role and a greatly reduced price.