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Breaking: Doc Rivers Has Traded His Own Son


This may not be the news we were waiting for, but it's stil pretty big news nonetheless.

In a surprising pre-free agency deal, first reported by ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski, the Clippers have sent Autin Rivers to the Washington Wizards for big man Marcin Gortat. Rivers, for those who don't know, is actually Doc's son. And considering Doc himself has a say in making these trades, it means he likely signed off traded his son to another team.

And for the Wizards, it frees up some cap-room for some other players this summer, and brings in a much-needed upgrade at the backup point guard spot, behind John Wall.

More importantly though, bringing in Gortat could mean DeAndre Jordan is on the way out, either via free-agency, or a sign and trade with the Mavericks. Whatever the case, this will definitely have some domino effect on the rest of the summer.