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Breaking: Kawhi Leonard Traded To Raptors In Blockbuster Deal

Kawhi Leonard To The Toronto Raptors

With Kawhi Leonard on the table for many trade deals, the Raptors and Spurs have finalized an option to include Toronto’s franchise superstar DeMar DeRozan. Although you wouldn't think Raptors would let their poster star leave, it is the risk they’re gonna take this season with one of the biggest threats in LeBron James is now out of the Eastern Conference.

According to Adrian Wojnarowski:

However, they both dont seem too excited about this deal, especially DeRozan adding to his Instagram Story:

“Being told one thing & outcome another. Can’t trust them. Ain't no loyalty in the game. Sell you out quick for a little bit of nothing.”

Seems DeRozan may be rather furious about the deal and has had no communication about this deal whatsoever Kawhi has made it clear he wants to be in LA next season to play for the Lakers, so a risky move like this to deal away DeRozan is understandable for him to feel this way. DeRozan has become a 4x All-Star and one of the best offensive players to not rely on the 3-ball. However, Toronto doesn’t see their future with him on their roster next season and Kawhi may be the player they’re looking for to make their best case at finals this year. We are still waiting for the San Antonio Spurs to inform Kawhi Leonard.

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