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Breaking: Los Angeles Clippers Exchange Rajon Rondo For Lou Williams

Breaking: Los Angeles Clippers Land Rajon Rondo From Atlanta Hawks

Rajon Rondo is going back to Los Angeles but this time he won't join the Los Angeles Lakers. Instead, he will go to the Clippers after the Californians and the Atlanta Hawks reached a deal for the veteran point guard.

After winning the 2020 NBA championship with the purple and gold, the player joined the Hawks to try to help them reach the postseason this campaign. Although they're playing very well right now, the experiment for Rondo and the Hawks didn't work out and now they're parting ways. The Clips will send Lou Williams to Atlanta in exchange for Rajon.

The Clippers were linked with Kyle Lowry and Lonzo Ball in recent days but it was Rondo who found his way to the Staples Center to help a team that has been urged to land a floor general since last season. Rondo showed his value with the Lakers last campaign when he became a very valuable piece for them on their route to the title.

The 2x NBA champion is posting 3.9 points, 2.0 rebounds, and 3.5 assists with the Hawks. Those numbers don't look good but if the Clippers land this man, they will get a player that shows up in the playoffs, which is exactly what they need.