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Breaking: Magic Johnson Steps Down As President Of Basketball Operations For Lakers

Magic Johnson

With just one game remaining on the Lakers season, Magic Johnson may have dropped the biggest bombshell their franchise has seen in years. According to Shams Charania of The Athletic, the Laker legend is stepping down from his role as President.

After just two and a half seasons with the team, Magic is calling it quits, after what has allegedly been a half-hearted tenure from the beginning. In a report by ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski, Johnson never fully committed to his duties.

But perhaps even more shocking is that he told the media before he told Laker's owner Jeanie Buss, who is said to have a good relationship with him. Is this hinting at a rift between the former friends?

Either way, it was a shock that absolutely nobody saw coming... at least, not today. April 9th, with one game left to go, nobody has a sense as to why he chose to announce when he did.

For the team, where do they go from here without a President? What will happen to the futures of Rob Pelinka and Luke Walton? These questions are serious ones to face, especially with free agency looking right around the corner.

Now, in order to secure free agents, they will have to seriously scramble to find their leader before its too late.

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