Breaking: Memphis Grizzles Land Steven Adams, Eric Bledsoe, Three Picks From New Orleans Pelicans For Jonas Valanciunas And Two Picks

steven adams

The NBA offseason seems to be underway. While a lot of focus can be on stars and where they end up, some smaller trades are just as important. Some teams need only one extra solid player to start competing on a higher level.

Adrian Wojnarowski has recently reported that the Memphis Grizzlies will be sending out Jonas Valanciunas and their No. 17 and No. 51 selections in the 2021 NBA Draft in exchange for Steven Adams, Eric Bledsoe, the No. 10 and No. 40 picks in the 2021 NBA Draft, as well as a protected future first-round pick. It looks as though the purpose of this trade was for the Memphis Grizzlies to take on some salary in exchange for draft compensation.

It is clear that Jonas Valanciunas will help the New Orleans Pelicans compete immediately. Valanciunas is a big man that is a walking double-double, and in recent years he's even started shooting 3PT shots, albeit at a very low volume. His tough rebounding and interior defense will give the New Orleans Pelicans a boost in that department, and while he isn't the best on the perimeter, few centers of his size are. 

On the Memphis Grizzlies end, it looks as though Eric Bledsoe and Steven Adams could be the veterans on a roster full of great young prospects. While the picks are the main attraction, it is clear that both Bledsoe and Adams can contribute given the proper role. Eric Bledsoe could bring veteran leadership off the bench as a backup, while Adams would provide some of the interior presence that Valaciunas did for the team.

On paper, it seems as though this is a fair trade for both teams. Only time will tell how the trade works out, but overall, this is a solid trade that fulfills both teams' goals.