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Breaking: Miami Heat Acquire Trevor Ariza For Meyers Leonard And A Second-Round Pick

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Trevor Ariza Has Become The Most Traded Player In NBA History After Move To Oklahoma City

The Maimi Heat was one of the contenders that were seeking to make a move before the deadline, perhaps adding experienced veterans who could help their Finals push. Jimmy Butler and the Heat made the Finals just last season, and they could possibly do it again.

Recently, the Miami Heat have executed a trade that seems to be a win-now move. They have traded Meyers Leonard and a future second-round pick to the Oklahoma City Thunder in exchange for Trevor Ariza.

Trevor Ariza is a former NBA champion who has a lot of experience as a 3 and D player. The Miami Heat have been known to take chances on older veterans such as Andre Iguodala, and perhaps this could be a similar move. Ariza's positive basketball IQ and championship experience will be useful on the roster, as Ariza knows what it takes to win. Sending out Meyers Leonard and a pick for a potential contributor is a solid move which improves their depth.

With this trade, the Oklahoma City Thunder get another pick, while the Miami Heat improves their bench. While Trevor Ariza is way past his prime, but his knowledge will be invaluable to a team that has gotten close to the championship but couldn't quite make it. Trevor Ariza is someone who won't get huge minutes, yet his presence will still be felt.