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Breaking: NBA Draft Lottery Results Revealed

Getty Images

Getty Images

For 14 NBA teams, the yearly draft lottery is a chance for a better future. Land the right position, and it could change the face of their future forever. But land outside the top 10, and it could spell more disaster.

This year, some fresh new teams have secured top spots, spelling a welcome change for the worst. Here are the results:

14th: Denver Nuggets

13th: Los Angeles Clippers

12th: Los Angeles Clippers

11th: Charlotte Hornets

10th: Philadelphia Sixers

9th: New York Knicks

8th: Cleveland Cavaliers

7th: Chicago Bulls

6th: Orlando Magic

5th: Dallas Mavericks

4th: Memphis Grizzlies

3rd: Atlanta Hawks

2nd: Sacramento Kings

1st: Phoenix Suns

Congrats to the Suns!