Breaking: NBA Players Have Agreed To Resume Playoffs

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Breaking: NBA Players Have Decided To Resume Playoffs

Less than a day after the Milwaukee Bucks decided to boycott Game 5 of their first-round series against the Orlando Magic, the league and the players have come to an agreement to resume the playoffs. The Bucks were protesting for the shooting of Jacob Blake, a black man in Kenosha, Wisconsin, and decided not to play until Wisconsin authorities took action on this incident.

The rest of the games, which included Thunder-Rockets and Lakers-Blazers were also boycotted and the players were set to have a meeting to decide their future steps.

Owners also met this morning to study this situation but it looks like almost everything is ready now. According to reports, the players have agreed to see out the rest of the playoffs and crown an NBA champion in October.

We could see the league making its return by the weekend, according to ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski.

Some reports suggested the season was in jeopardy but now those rumors can be shut down. Players seem ready to continue playing but they won't doubt to sit out in future games if they don't see more commitment from owners and authorities.

They have a big platform here and losing that would've been a huge blow for these players. Fortunately, they were heard and now they message will be spread even more than before.