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Breaking: P. J. Tucker Has Been Traded To The Milwaukee Bucks

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(via ABC13)

(via ABC13)

P. J. Tucker is a player who has long been rumored to be a trade target for several contenders. P. J. Tucker is a solid 3 and D player who has been one of the key starters during the James Harden era in Houston. P. J. Tucker is an older veteran, and he doesn't fit the timeline of the Houston Rockets, who are entering a rebuild.

Recently, Adrian Wojnarowski reported that P. J. Tucker has been traded to the Milwaukee Bucks. P. J. Tucker was part of a bigger package.

P. J. Tucker will be a great fit on the Milwaukee Bucks. The Bucks are a defensive-minded team, and P. J. Tucker would fit right into the culture. He would also space the floor well around Giannis Antetokounmpo, and provide another experienced presence in the locker room. The Milwaukee Bucks are a team that has aspirations to win it all this season, and Tucker's acquisition is a sign of that.

P. J. Tucker is a player that was rumored to have been wanted by many contending teams, including the Brooklyn Nets and the Los Angeles Lakers. In the end, the Milwaukee Bucks won out in the sweepstakes and managed to trade for Tucker. Let's see what he can add to their roster.