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Brian Windhorst Explains Why Teams Are Not Ready To Trade Multiple Draft Picks And Star Players For Kevin Durant: "It's Not An Insult To Say That You're Not Going To Gut Your Team For Durant."

Kevin Durant

Quite a time has passed since Kevin Durant shocked the world and demanded a trade out of the Brooklyn Nets. Since his trade request, Durant's name has been linked to several teams, but no deal has been struck for various reasons.

For starters, KD wants to get traded to a championship contender. But if any championship contender trades for the Slim Reaper, they will most likely lose a lot of assets to acquire the former NBA MVP.

To make things worse, the Nets have seemingly set a huge asking price for KD. After all, he is a generational talent, and it's understandable that the Nets want to get a lot of assets in return for him.

Due to these factors, trade talks have stalled for KD, and he still remains a member of the Brooklyn Nets. NBA insider Brian Windhorst recently gave some details about the KD trade saga, where he revealed that there is no urgency in the market for him.

Additionally, he also explained in detail that other NBA franchises aren't ready to give up multiple draft picks on top of star players to get Durant. After all, if the experiment fails, the result could be catastrophic for the team that trades for KD.

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"We may not have the greatest era of super teams ever, but we've got some really good teams. You can make a case for four or five different teams winning, and so if you're going to build a championship team around Kevin Durant, you cannot completely gut your team to get there. And to this point, the Nets haven't just wanted draft picks, they've wanted star players, and teams just aren't willing to pay that price. And there's nuance buried in here, and I know that some fans understand it and maybe some fans don't. They think it's some sort of insult to Durant.

It's not an insult to say that you're not going to gut your team for Durant. In some ways it's a compliment. It's saying, 'We think we can win a championship with you, so we have to have a championship team on the other side of the trade.'"

As explained by Windhorst, the rest of the franchises in the NBA are very skeptical about trading for KD, and it's okay for them to be doubtful.

Because even if any team trades for him, unless there is a good supporting cast around him, all the effort would be in vain. This still leaves many doubtful whether Durant will get traded or simply play another season for the Nets.