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Brian Windhorst: 'I Don't Remember Jordan's Bulls Ever Being In Danger In The NBA Finals'

Brian Windhorst: 'I Don't Remember Jordan's Bulls Ever Being In Danger In The NBA Finals'

Michael Jordan’s documentary ‘The Last Dance’ is set to premiere this Sunday and the hype increases as the days go by. We’ve seen more promos in recent hours about the highly-anticipated docu-series and all the stories we’re going to discover with it.

NBA fans, especially Bulls’, have great memories from those days. The Bulls were really dominant during their championship runs, leaving no chance to their rivals. On Wednesday’s edition of ESPN’s ‘The Jump’, Brian Windhorst recalled that the Bulls were never in danger of losing a championship. Every time they made it to the big series, they looked unstoppable.

“The thing is, I look back at that. I don’t remember the Bulls ever being challenged in all those Finals. I know they got tested a little bit by Phoenix, they had to go out to Phoenix to finish, I know they got pressed a little bit by Utah, I know they were behind the Lakers in their first one, but I just remember dominance. I know there is famous shots, the Paxson shot, the Kerr shot that won these games, but they were never in danger in my mind. (...) Not only did they win all those titles, they dominated all of those Finals. We’ve had some dominant teams in the last decade, they couldn’t touch that level of dominance and that’s the number one memory for me.”

Those Bulls are a mythical team after their impressive runs to the championship. Michael Jordan was surrounded by great players that took that team to the top of the world six times, repeating the formula with two three-peats.

We’ll get to know more details about the making of these titles, starting this Sunday. Time to learn more about MJ and all the effort he and his teammates made to become one of the best squads in NBA history.