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Brian Windhorst: "Kawhi And Paul George Aren't Practicing Together, And That's Surprising."



The Los Angeles Clippers captured the headlines this past summer by pairing up two of the game's best two-way superstars in Paul George and Kawhi Leonard.

From the moment they pulled it off, their team was vaulted into Championship contention. The results, so far, have been less than encouraging. With the two sharing limited time on the court, and the roster showing a clear lack of focus and effort, there are questions about the state and potential of the team going forward.

After two concerning displays against the Grizzlies and Knicks, in which they gave up a combined 272 points, those concerns have only intensified.

In a conversation on ESPN's The Jump, NBA analyst Brian Windhorst shared, perhaps, his greatest concern when it comes to the Clippers: their lack of practice time.

Apparently, PG and Kawhi haven't practiced together all season. And though things could change come playoff time, it's going to be harder for them to adjust when they have so little experience actually playing together.

With their inconsistent presence throughout this season, there has been alost a sense of deemphasis when it comes to the regular season. And while that in itself is not concerning one has to think the Clippers have to get it together at some point, right?