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Brian Windhorst: 'LeBron Thinks He Should Have Won 6 Or 7 MVPs And The 2015 Finals MVP.'

(via Fadeaway World)

(via Fadeaway World)

LeBron James owns one of the most illustrious resumes in professional sports. He's the NBA's third All-Time leading scorer, a 16x All-Star, 15x All-NBA Player, 4x MVP, 3x Finals MVP, 2008 Scoring Champion, 6x All-Defensive Player, and a 3x NBA Champion.

These are achievements most players today would kill for. But for LeBron, he thinks he should have even more.

According to LBJ insider Brian Windhorst, "King" James thinks he should have more hardware in his trophy case.

"Let me just say, he thinks he should honestly have about six or seven [MVPs]. He thinks he should have won one the year Derrick Rose won it, he thought he got penalized for the decision. He thought he should have won one or two in Cleveland. He thought he should have won Finals MVP when Iguodala won it, he thought he should have been the first guy since Jerry West to get it in 2015 from the losing team.

Now he's not gonna come out and ever say that because, yes, he wants the Bill Russell when it comes with Larry O'Brien trophy, but he wants it."

One could certainly argue that LeBron James has been the MVP almost every season of his career. Obviously, LeBron feels that way to a degree.

And while voter fatigue is real (in which LeBron didn't win the award because the voters don't want him to win again), only Kareem-Abdul Jabbar has won it more than five times in his career. Considering the amount of star power in the league, it's tough to consistently have better 82-game stretches over some other superstars who may be going off for that particular season as well.

MVP doesn't always mean the best player. In Giannis' case, he seems to be doing the most with the least. He doesn't have Anthony Davis or Danny Green, or a rejuvenated Dwight Howard. Take him away from that roster, and his value becomes evident.

Then again, where would the Lakers be without James? Where would Cleveland or Miami have been had he not been there at all?

They are interesting questions, but ones that will have to remain unanswered.