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Brian Windhorst On Kawhi Leonard: "Never, Ever Underestimate Him In Anything"



With so much going on this NBA season, it's easy to put some names on the backburner. Kawhi Leonard is, perhaps, one of those names. He's quiet and rather unexciting, preferring to take game-days off instead of shining in the spotlight of stardom.

Yet, on ESPN's The Jump, Brian Windhorst explained to the community why nobody should underestimate the Klaw, citing his brilliance in free agency and overall tactics as a player in this league.

"The machinations he executed in that free-agency maneuver were as impressive from a player control standpoint as we've ever seen. I would advise everybody in the future: never, ever underestimate Kawhi in anything. This man is special, he's smart, he's cunning, and he's a killer."

Of course, we know what Kawhi pulled off in 2019 free-agency. After winning a Championship with the Raptors, he met with three teams in the summer and then went to the Clippers after he helped pull off the blockbuster trade for Paul George.

Now that he's in L.A., he is able to take regular games off, has a team around him capable of winning at the highest level, and seems to be living his best life. On and off the court, Kawhi Leonard knows what he's doing.

Windhorst is certainly right in that respect.