Brian Windhorst Says It Would Be Too Much For The Lakers To Trade Kyle Kuzma And Danny Green For Victor Oladipo

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Fadeaway World

Victor Oladipo's name has been linked with several teams now in the past couple of months. The Indiana Pacers star has stated he wants to be with the Pacers as long as possible but also made it clear that he wants to win, either in Indy or somewhere else. Oladipo returned at the start of the year from a ruptured quad tendon in his right knee in 2019 and return one year later to the NBA hardwoods.

He showed flashes of his older self but nothing big to make people think he was bad as that player who was rising to stardom, even getting the call to the All-Star game. Still, he kept drawing attention from some teams around the league, including the Brooklyn Nets and Los Angeles Lakers, two teams with championship aspirations for the next couple of seasons. The Lakers appear to be interested in trading for the talented guard, but the price to pay for him may be too much.

At least that's what ESPN's Insider Brian Windhorst believes. During a recent edition of The Hoop Collective, Windhorst expressed his opinion about the Lakers trading Danny Green and Kyle Kuzma to Indiana for Oladipo. The insider believes it's too much for the purple and gold.

“That’s too much,” Windhorst said when he heard a proposal of Green and Kuzma for Oladipo. “I mean, I don’t think I want to give up Green and Kuzma.”

If you ask the Lakers fans if they'd make this deal, they would. Green and Kuzma were the most criticized players on the Lakers roster during the bubble due to their struggles when the team needed them. If Oladipo can be half the good he was during his first two seasons in Indy, the Lakers would be happy to deal Green and Kuz to the Pacers.