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Brian Windhorst: "The Lakers Should Use LeBron Like The Bulls Used Scottie Pippen"

(via USA Today)

(via USA Today)

Following the Lakers' season opener on Tuesday, the team insisted they'd be using LeBron James at the point for the foreseeable future.

But if you ask ESPN's Brian Windhorst, they should use LeBron the same way the Cavs and Heat did when he won 4 MVPs: as a point-forward.

Unfortunately, the Lakers' roster issues demanded LeBron play to the needs of his team the past two seasons. Both years, depth in the backcourt was a significant problem -- and it was up to James to fill that hole.

With Father Time looming, and the West looking as daunting as ever, one has to wonder if James playing the point is the best way to go for the Lakers' championship hopes.

During LeBron's prime in Miami and Cleveland, he played three and averaged over 6 assists every season. It provided him an easier defensive assignment than guarding faster guards, and it allowed him to play his natural position.

Going forward, it's hard to tell what kind of adjustments L.A. will make. With LeBron and AD, they have the core to compete with anyone in the league. But if they don't use those pieces the right way, it could limit how far they go this postseason.

Here's to hoping they figure it out.