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Brian Windhorst: ‘There's A Real Gap Between The Clippers And Lakers, And Depth Is Why’

Credit: AFP

Credit: AFP

The Los Angeles Lakers and the Los Angeles Clippers are the two biggest favorites to win the NBA title next season, so it’s not a surprise if we see people debating which team has the advantage over the other.

We recently learned that NBA executives think the Clips has the edge over the Lakers because of their defense, and now ESPN’s analyst Brian Windhorst has added more to this conversation. According to Windhorst, the depth the Clippers have gives them an advantage over the Purple and Gold, who look kind of short when you look at their roster.

During an appearance on ESPN’s The Jump, the insider explained there is actually a gap between the Clips and the Lakers and depth plays a major role in that situation.

“Yes [there is a big gap], because I think that the Clippers depth is spectacular, now they have to stay healthy. I was talking to a guy who’s been around the NBA for decades. I feel like I’m gonna be talking about this exact analogy for the next eight months. The Lakers can win the title this year, but they have to run the perfect race. They have to get out not too fast, not too slot; no injuries, stay in the path, save your energy for the end, they can do it, but it’s gotta be perfect. Their margin for error was narrower.

“You look at the Clippers, they still have this core you mentioned. When they go to their bench, they go to two of the best bench guys in the league. (...) We don’t even remember Landry Shamet, JaMychal Green, they are too deep at every position that I just don’t think the Lakers are there. I wouldn’t grade the Clippers way ahead in terms of titles odds, but I think the Clippers are a better team.”

Windhorst has made some good points. Even though the Lakers are seen as one of the biggest favorites to win the title, their roster isn’t the deepest of all, even less when you compare it to the Clippers.

Still, things look different on paper; once we get to the court, everything changes. At the end of the day, these two teams are the favorites to win the NBA title next campaign and we could see which one is better during the Western Conference playoffs.